About Geotherm

GEOTHERM DISTRIBUTION SA operates 3 geothermal water wells, all in the Valcea County, with associated gas fuels (gas/water ratio of approx. 1-1,5 Nmc gas/mc water), with total mineralization of 13-15 g/l, temperatures of 95-97 °C and artesian capacity of 18-22 l/s.

The geothermal water is extracted through 3 wells drilled at 3250 m (the Calimanesti 1009 well and the Caciulata 1006 well) and at 2641 m (the Cozia 1008 well).

The geothermal water extracted by the 3 wells is used for energy purposes with local installations and by customers for heating and hot water for domestic consumption and/or used directly in balneal therapy and in thermal recreational water pools.

The 3 boreholes produced approx. 441 000 m³ of geothermal water (approx. 25 000 Gcal) which provided for 625 apartments, 60 companies and 68 villas and houses.

Using geothermal water brought savings of approx. 2 500 TOE (Tone of oil equivalent).