In the 20 century, requirement of the electricity ultimately focus on the idea to Geothermal Heat Pump as a source of production. Prince Piero Ginori Conti experiment the very first Geothermal Power producer on 4July 1904, at the same time Larderello dry steam field where geothermal acid extraction began. Lord Kelvin a British mathematical physicist and engineer invented the heat pump in 1853 and developed and modified by Peter Rittervon Rittinger in 1855. After successful experiment with a freezer, Robert C. Webber made the first direct exchange heat pump in the late 1940s.

Geothermal Heat Pumps are the future of all cooling & heating needs as well as redefined the vertex of the industry. Unlike, other conventional systems heating pumps don’t exert fossil fuel or electricity. These water cool heat pumps uses at least of electricity to access the temperature below the earth where temperature always remains constant regardless of the weather outside.

These heat pumps are capable in delivering the required temperature for instance: cool internal temperature in scorching heat and warm temperature in extreme cold. Therefore, take a wise step to save energy by using cheap project geothermal products & Geotherm will assist you by delivering the best project for YOU.

Believing to a report issuance by Environmental Protection Agency, heating pumps are the most efficient products and ultimate way to fulfill all your cooling & heating needs. Buying the typical heat pump can cost you a lot, on other hand geothermal energy product are in trend to save the earth by saving natural energies as well.