Green Field

About project

This project includes investments in the geothermal module for Phase 1 of the project - 3 blocks of ground floor + 10 floors.

Investing in a geothermal system worth 0.8 million Euro will ensure and strengthen our position in the Bucharest area, in the supply of "green energy".

This system will provide the thermal energy for 278 apartments with the possibility of expansion for all 10 phases of the project, estimating a number of 2000 apartments to which we will provide the thermal energy.

  • ■ Replacing the heating system for the production of heat and domestic hot water through a geothermal system;
  • ■ A strategic partnership with the Impact Development perspective in the residential field, ensuring the heating of the future projects in the Baneasa area, Bucharest;
  • ■ Our company's contribution to the environment by providing heat, produced with zero CO2;